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News (28 September 2017):
The new Christine Bauer EP ‘Pretty Things’ was released on 26 September. I produced all five tracks and we recorded it both here in Australia and in the US. It’s already doing great things with a song picked up by the NSAI (Nashville Songwriters Association International). Make sure you visit Christine at www.facebook.com/christinebauermusic

Now that the nicer weather is coming back I have quite a few gigs. I’ll be at the Eildon Boat Club on 4 November 2017, Red Feet Wines on 18/19 November, and I’ll be back at Cofield Wines next March for the Tastes of Rutherglen Festival. I have been kept very busy with the production work and training up some amazing singing students. There is never a dull moment around here and if there is a chance of one it gets squashed pretty quickly!

To have a chat about YOUR next musical endeavor contact me at the above email address. I’m happy to work with even a rough acoustic demo and turn it into a full production. I can also provide some great insights and tips on getting your music out there in the right way. Check out Christine’s latest EP to see/hear what I mean! https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/pretty-things-ep/id1277087292

News (23 January 2017):
Howdy folks. You like blood? Violence? Freaks of nature? Well then, come on down to Captain Spaulding’s Museum of Monsters and Mad-Men… ah, good old Captain Spaulding from my favorite movie ‘The Devil’s Rejects’. I watch this movie at least once a year. Life is busy to say the least. 2016 was a big year. Donald Trump won the US election. Liberal nutjobs and Hollywood elites (same thing I suppose) completely lost their shit. Brexit happened. Supposedly California is going to do a Calexit. 2017 shapes up to be just as crazy if not crazier. In the meantime, it’s great to be in Australia.

Big gigs coming up! 29 January I will be at the ‘Kinglake Pub’ from 2.00pm. The pub is kindly donating my fee to the ‘Kinglake Junior Football Club’ where I am in my second year of junior coaching! In my first year I was nominated by AFL Victoria as Coach Of The Year (Northern Region). Didn’t quite get the chockies but not bad for a first year coach! 11/12 March I will back in Rutherglen, Victoria for the Tastes of Rutherglen Festival. Both days I will be playing at ‘Cofield Wines’ in the pop-up Twilight Sparkling, Gin, & Seafood Bar from 5.00pm. More info here www.tastesofrutherglen.com.au/extra-events

My album ‘Mountain Songs’, a collection of singles, EP’s, and session tracks is now available at Bandcamp and NoiseTrade. The single ‘A Song For Emily’ is still available on iTunes, Spotify etc. Chris over at the Q Country show on 94.9 JoyFM has been playing a few tracks from the album over the last few weeks – very much appreciated!

Production is underway on the new Christine Bauer EP. Christine is a lovely US (Nebraska) artist who writes some good songs! I do my best to destroy whatever vision she had for them… Check back in with y’all soon.

News (28 August 2016):
Finding the right music distribution service is hard and after years of sticking with one company I have now moved on. ‘A Song For Emily’ is still available via iTunes, Spotify, GooglePlay etc. but my back catalog of songs are now available via one huge 19 song album titled ‘Mountain Songs’. You can listen/purchase it on Bandcamp here – http://paulwilliamray.bandcamp.com/album/mountain-songs

I have been pretty quiet with shows over the past months but they will be ramping up again soon. In November I will be playing a solo acoustic show at Cofield Wines in Rutherglen, Victoria. I will also be playing shows over the ‘La Dolce Vita’ weekend in the King Valley at Red Feet Wines with the band.

Look out for an Artist Feature in an upcoming issue of ‘Bandwidth Daily

Pre-production has begun on the new Christine Bauer E.P. which will likely see a release early next year.

News (25 March 2016):
I will be playing at Gracebrook Winery (King Valley) this Easter Weekend both Saturday and Sunday 12pm-5pm. Looking forward to catching up with David, Rhonda and the kids at their beautiful winery and playing some tunes for all the fine folk there (and eating Colly’s amazing food!!).

News (22 March 2016):
2 April 2016 is the release date for my new single ‘A Song For Emily’. It will be available at iTunes, GooglePlay, Spotify, etc. You can hear the song now if you head over to the ‘Music’ page…

News (5 January 2016)
I also work on music production for other artists and companies as well as manage a number of artists. Some recent work includes production on the E.P. released in September 2015 by US artist Christine Bauer titled “If I Could Have Chosen”.
Christine Bauer